Tired of wasting warehouse space due to inaccurate measurements? vMeasure Cubing Systems offer the one-stop solution you need.

Cut wasted warehouse space by 20% with vMeasure cubing system and achieve precise parcel slotting in under 1 second, enhancing space utilization and efficiency unlike traditional methods.

Unlock Space Efficiency: Discover How vMeasure Parcel Ultima Cubing Systems Enhance Workspace Utilization

E-commerce warehouses, plagued by space constraints, suffer frequent product relocations and operational disruptions. Accurate dimension and weight assessment is crucial for optimizing storage.
vMeasure cubing systems provide a comprehensive solution, capturing product DIMs, weight, and even SKU photos, eliminating manual measurements and maximizing space usage. vMeasure cubing system acts like a dedicated measuring tape and photographer for each item, streamlining your warehouse operations.

Accurate Dimensioning

Achieve accuracy down to 0.5 cm/0.2 inches for SKU dimensions every time.

Low-Cost Audit Tool

Optimize warehouse space affordably with the vMeasure cubing and weighing system.

Photographic Proof

Obtain annotated photographic evidence with each dimensioning, confirming inbound and storage details.

Parcel Attribute Capture

Capture specific parcel attributes, like "handle with care," within the vMeasure Ultima workflow for precise storage identification.

Why Choose vMeasure Parce Ultima Cubing system for Warehouse Space Management?

Create SKU-specific storage racks

Tailor storage racks to each SKU for optimized organization.

Increase usable space at the warehouse

Expand usable space within the warehouse environment using our cubing system.

Implement Dynamic Slotting

Utilize dynamic slotting strategies for efficient warehouse layout.

Increase inventory stored per sqft

Boost inventory capacity per square foot for enhanced storage efficiency.

vMeasure Parcel Ultima Cubing System

Parcel Ultima Pro
Parcel Ultima Gold

Achieve perfection with just one click! With the vMeasure Parcel Ultima Pro dimension machine, you can effortlessly dimension, weigh, scan, and capture parcel data in mere seconds.

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Break free from manual processes and boost efficiency and profits with the vMeasure Parcel Ultima Gold volumetric weight machine.

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Why vMeasure Parcel Ultima Cubing System for your operations?

World’s Only Dimensioner-as-a-service solution

designed from the ground up to leverage every cloud and computer vision-based technology.

Accurate Dimensioning

dimensions with a 0.2-inch/5-mm precision.

Easy cloud-based one-click integration

Utilize our cloud-based integration platform to integrate any shipping, TMS, and WMS software.

Manage space rentals in warehouses

Charge clients directly for the volume that their product occupies.

No hidden pricing

The pricing includes all setup, process modification, and API integration costs.

Customizable workflows

With our configurable data capture user interface, you can record any SKU parameters, not just DIMs and weights.

See What Our Customers Say About vMeasure Parcel Ultima Cubing System

Grant Burcham Head of Operation
Warehouse Anyware

...Speeds up the ability to capture the data or verify it without having to use a tape measure and a weight scale...!

Chris Lazanakis Managing Director
Dezel Business Solutions

...Low maintenance, mobility in the warehouse, custom API’s for integration and ease of use makes it an essential piece of equipment...!

Freddie Menezies National Manager
Kargo Group Of Companies

...improved service levels of upto 30% and this has allowed our vehicles to be on the road delivering rather than waiting in the loading bays...!

Tytus Wilson Director of Supply Chain Analytics

...allow our customers to access their dimensioning data and imagery to have accurate dimensional data for Supply Chain Optimization...!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I save on warehouse space with vMeasure Parcel Ultima Cubing System?

vMeasure users report saving up to 20% on warehouse space by optimizing storage and eliminating wasted space due to inaccurate measurements.

How accurate are vMeasure's Cubing systems?

vMeasure Parcel Ultima cubing system boasts an accuracy of 0.5 cm / 0.2 inches for SKU dimensions, providing reliable data for optimized storage and shipping.

Is vMeasure Parcel Ultima easy to integrate with my existing warehouse software?

Yes, vMeasure Parcel Ultima offers a cloud-based platform with one-click integration capabilities for various shipping, TMS, and WMS software.

How can vMeasure Parcel Ultima Cubing Systems help me reduce warehouse clutter and optimize space utilization?

By capturing accurate dimensions, vMeasure Parcel Ultima cubing system helps you create SKU-specific storage racks, implement dynamic slotting strategies, and maximize usable space, leading to less clutter and an optimized layout.

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  • Cut wasted warehouse space by up to 20%
  • Achieve precise parcel slotting in under 1 second.
  • Eliminate manual measurements and streamline operations.
  • Boost inventory accuracy and efficiency