Are your packaging practices inadvertently harming the environment and slowing down your operations?

Introducing vMeasure parcel sizing systems for sustainable packaging. These cutting-edge tools provide fast and precise measurements, tailored for shippers, SMB eCommerce, and retailers. Say goodbye to excess packaging, oversized cartons, filler materials, billing hassle, and slow order processing instantly.
Deploy vMeasure parcel dimensioning systems at your workstation for streamlined cross-border eCommerce transactions.

Unlock the Power of Sustainable Packaging: Dive into How vMeasure Parcel Sizing System Revolutionizes Your Operations

In the era of conscious consumption, e-commerce warehouses are embarking on a quest for sustainability, seeking to reshape the industry’s environmental footprint. Picture this: a world where every package is perfectly tailored, minimizing wasted space and excessive materials, particularly plastics.
Introducing the vMeasure parcel sizing system. These machines are more than just tools; they’re experts in eco-friendly packaging. They measure, weigh, and take photos of each product with incredible accuracy, helping choose the best packaging. It’s not just about being efficient; it’s about making the world greener, step by step.

Accurate Dimensions (every time)

Say goodbye to measurement mishaps. With our system, you'll nail down precise dimensions every time, accurate to within +/- 0.2 inches, in the blink of an eye.

Low-Cost Audit Tool

Maximize your warehouse space like a pro with the vMeasure parcel sizing system, all while keeping your budget happy and your space organized.

Photographic Proof

Capture detailed photo records along with accurate measurements to ensure incoming items are exactly what you expect and that your storage setup is spot on.

Parcel Attribute Capture

Personalize your storage process by incorporating parcel details like "handle with care" into vMeasure Ultima, ensuring precise identification.

Why Choose vMeasure Parcel Ultima parcel sizing systems for sustainable packaging?

vMeasure transcends traditional dimensioning, serving as a pivotal tool for optimizing sustainable packaging efficiency.

Improved packaging process speed

Speeds up packaging operations by making them faster and more efficient, just like giving your packaging team a turbo boost!

Fewer labor staff

Cuts down on the amount of work needed by making everything run smoother, like finely tuned machine that doesn't need as much manual effort to keep it going.

Shipping cost reduction

Saves you money on shipping by making sure your packages are just the right size, like fitting puzzle pieces snugly into a box to avoid any wasted space and extra costs.

Cost saving through lower material usage

Saves money by using less packaging material, like being thrifty with ingredients in a recipe.

vMeasure Parcel Ultima parcel sizing systems

Parcel Ultima Pro
Parcel Ultima Gold

Achieve perfection with just one click! With the vMeasure Parcel Ultima Pro dimension machine, you can effortlessly dimension, weigh, scan, and capture parcel data in mere seconds.

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Break free from manual processes and boost efficiency and profits with the vMeasure Parcel Ultima Gold volumetric weight machine.

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Why vMeasure Parcel Ultima automatic dimension measuring machine for your operations?

World’s Only Dimensioner-as-a-service solution

Built from scratch to make the most of cloud and computer vision technologies.

Accurate Dimensioning

Measurements with a precision of 0.2 inches or 5 millimeters.

Easy cloud-based one-click integration

Use our cloud-based integration platform to easily link and combine your preferred shipping, TMS and WMS software.

Manage space rentals in warehouses

Charge customers according to the amount of space their products take up.

No hidden pricing

The price includes costs for setting up, adjusting processes, and integrating APIs.

Customizable workflows

Our customizable data capture user interface allows you to record a wide range of SKU parameters beyond just DIMs and weights.

See What Our Customers Say About vMeasure Parcel Ultima parcel sizing systems

Grant Burcham Head of Operation
Warehouse Anyware

...Speeds up the ability to capture the data or verify it without having to use a tape measure and a weight scale...!

Chris Lazanakis Managing Director
Dezel Business Solutions

...Low maintenance, mobility in the warehouse, custom API’s for integration and ease of use makes it an essential piece of equipment...!

Freddie Menezies National Manager
Kargo Group Of Companies

...improved service levels of upto 30% and this has allowed our vehicles to be on the road delivering rather than waiting in the loading bays...!

Tytus Wilson Director of Supply Chain Analytics

...allow our customers to access their dimensioning data and imagery to have accurate dimensional data for Supply Chain Optimization...!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can vMeasure parcel sizing systems improve efficiency in packaging processes?

By swiftly and accurately measuring package dimensions, vMeasure parcel sizing systems streamline the packaging process, reducing manual labor and time spent on measuring each package individually. This efficiency not only saves time but also increases throughput and productivity in packaging operations.

What factors should I consider when selecting a parcel sizing system for sustainable packaging?

Considerations include accuracy of measurements, compatibility with existing packaging processes and systems, integration capabilities with other software or machinery, ease of use, reliability, maintenance requirements, and scalability to accommodate future growth or changes in packaging needs.

How can vMeasure parcel sizing systems help reduce shipping costs and environmental impact?

By accurately measuring package dimensions, vMeasure parcel sizing systems enable businesses to optimize packaging sizes, leading to reduced dimensional weight charges from carriers. Moreover, right-sized packaging reduces the volume of shipments, lowering fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation, thus contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability.

How do vMeasure parcel sizing systems integrate with other technologies or processes in a packaging facility?

VMeasure parcel sizing systems can often integrate with existing warehouse management systems (WMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, conveyor systems, and other packaging machinery. This integration allows for seamless data exchange and automation of packaging processes, enhancing overall efficiency and accuracy in sustainable packaging practices.

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