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Optimize Your Order Fulfillment: Explore the Game-Changing Capabilities of vMeasure's Dimensional Measuring instrument

Are you facing common challenges in micro and order fulfillment such as precision errors, inefficient pick and pack processes, and inventory discrepancies? These issues can hinder productivity and lead to billing inaccuracies. Fortunately, there’s a solution.
Enter vMeasure parcel ultima dimensional measuring instrument: The answer to your fulfillment woes. By providing accurate parcel dimensioning information like dims, weight, and SKU photographs, vMeasure accelerates pick & pack operations, improves labor efficiency, and ensures billing accuracy. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to streamlined fulfillment with vMeasure dimensional measuring instruments.

Accurate Dimensions (every time)

Say goodbye to manual measurement errors forever! Get precise parcel DIMs in seconds, accurate to within +/- 0.2 inches.

Low-Cost Dimensioning Tool

Unlock cost-effective workspace optimization with the vMeasure dimensional measuring instrument.

Photographic Proof

Secure precise validation of inbound and storage details with annotated photographic documentation.

Parcel Attribute Capture

Enhance storage identification accuracy by seamlessly incorporating parcel attributes like "handle with care" into the vMeasure Parcel Ultima workflow.

Why Choose vMeasure Parcel Ultima dimensional measuring instrument for order fulfillment process?

vMeasure isn’t just about measuring DIMs and weight—it’s your ticket to a more efficient workspace:

Improve pick and pack process

Enhance pick and pack efficiency by a significant 25%, accelerating order fulfillment and boosting customer satisfaction.

Rectify invoice inconsistencies

Easily identify and rectify dimensional measurement inconsistencies in invoices, ensuring accurate billing and minimizing disputes with customers.

Get parcel volume insights

Gain valuable insights into parcel volume, optimizing packaging materials, reducing waste, and lowering shipping costs effectively.

Identify billing errors

Quickly detect and address billing errors related to DIM measurements, preventing revenue loss and fostering trust with customers.

vMeasure parcel ultima dimensional measuring instrument

Parcel Ultima Pro
Parcel Ultima Gold

Achieve perfection with just one click! With the vMeasure Parcel Ultima Pro dimension machine, you can effortlessly dimension, weigh, scan, and capture parcel data in mere seconds.

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Break free from manual processes and boost efficiency and profits with the vMeasure Parcel Ultima Gold volumetric weight machine.

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Why vMeasure Parcel Ultima dimensional measuring instrument
for your operations?

World’s Only Dimensioner-as-a-service solution

Built from the scratch to leverage every cloud and computer vision-based technology.

Accurate Dimensioning

Parcel measurements with a precision of 0.2 inches or 5 millimeters.

Easy cloud-based one-click integration

Utilize our cloud-based integration platform to effortlessly link and integrate your preferred shipping, TMS, and WMS software.

Manage space rentals in warehouses

Charge clients according to the exact space their products occupy.

No hidden pricing

The pricing covers setup, process adjustments, and API integration costs. 

Customizable workflows

With our adaptable data capture user interface, you can input various SKU parameters beyond dimensions and weights.

See What Our Customers Say About vMeasure Parcel Ultima dimensional measuring instrument

Grant Burcham Head of Operation
Warehouse Anyware

...Speeds up the ability to capture the data or verify it without having to use a tape measure and a weight scale...!

Chris Lazanakis Managing Director
Dezel Business Solutions

...Low maintenance, mobility in the warehouse, custom API’s for integration and ease of use makes it an essential piece of equipment...!

Freddie Menezies National Manager
Kargo Group Of Companies

...improved service levels of upto 30% and this has allowed our vehicles to be on the road delivering rather than waiting in the loading bays...!

Tytus Wilson Director of Supply Chain Analytics

...allow our customers to access their dimensioning data and imagery to have accurate dimensional data for Supply Chain Optimization...!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the vMeasure dimensional measuring instrument integrate with our existing shipping software?

Yes, the vMeasure dimensional measuring instrument is designed to integrate seamlessly with various shipping software systems. Our cloud-based integration platform allows for easy linking with your preferred shipping, TMS (Transportation Management System), and WMS (Warehouse Management System) software.

Can the vMeasure dimensional measuring instrument handle parcels of various shapes and sizes?

Yes, the vMeasure dimensional measuring instrument is capable of handling parcels of various shapes and sizes, including irregularly shaped or oversized parcels. Our advanced technology ensures accurate measurements regardless of parcel dimensions.

Can vMeasure integrate with our billing and invoicing systems to ensure accurate billing based on dimensional measurements?

Yes, vMeasure dimensional measuring instrument can be integrated with your billing and invoicing systems to ensure accurate billing based on dimensional measurements. This integration helps minimize billing errors and disputes, fostering trust with your customers.

How do vMeasure dimensional measuring instruments ensure data security and confidentiality for the parcel information collected by the dimensional measuring instrument?

Data security and confidentiality are top priorities for vMeasure. We implement robust security measures to protect the parcel information collected by our dimensional measuring instrument, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations and industry standards.

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