About Us

Solving Real-world Problems
Leveraging computer vision and artificial intelligence
Computer Vision based dimensional scanner
The World’s First and Only Dimensioning as a Service built by VisAI Labs
vMeasure is built by
Applied AI subsidiary of e-con Systems
VisAI Labs is a Subsidiary of
The world’s Third Largest OEM Camera Manufacturer

Who are we?

The vMeasure Product line represents the full suite of products that VisAI Labs provides for the Logistics and Supply Chain sector.
The vMeasure Unit of VisAI Labs is dedicated to developing top-tier computer vision-driven solutions for data gathering, automation, and operations monitoring within the Logistics and Supply Chain sectors.
With our assistance, we aim to guide our clients toward operational brilliance by enhancing efficiency and profitability.

Our Vision

The digital and real worlds are merging, but that’s old news.
While some aim to pull the real world into digital spaces, VisAI Labs wants to integrate digital tools into the real world.
We think that by using edge AI and computer vision, we can tackle certain issues and save people time on mundane tasks.
Think of how food replicators in Star Trek eliminated basic needs and helped societies progress.
VisAI Labs aims to create AI-powered devices to address everyday challenges and make life easier.



July 2022

12.4 million

Parcel Scans Achieved
June 2023


Local Partners in USA & Canada
June 2020
July 2023

10+ Countries

vMeasure Parcel Ultima Installed
June 2023

What's included with a VMeasure Parcel Ultima subscription? Add icons for each point

Base price for all hardware in the pricing plan

3 months' storage & vMeasure Forge Access costs

Integration with up to two WMS, TMS, or ERP solutions

Additional workflow configuration costs

One-year warranty on Barcode Scanner

Vision Head Unit refresh every three years

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Revolutionizing Parcel Management, One Dimension at a Time

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